Reporting Features

While our first priority is to help ease the burden of invoicing, our second is to analyze your efforts. We put a premium on our reporting tools and offer legions of reports that can help you keep a keen eye on your precious invoices.

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Visually Stunning Reports

Our invoice reports not only get you the information you need, but they do so in a beautiful fashion. We spared no expense at making your data look good, and quickly getting you the information you need.

Quick Access Dashboards

Sometimes you need a lot of information, and sometimes you don’t. We’ve created quick, visual overviews to help you find exactly what you need without looking for a single invoice report.


Detailed Project Reporting

The reporting power of Bill Flight isn’t just relegated to full account details; our reporting software can put the spotlight on a single project or client. You can see who’s paying, who’s not, and how it is affecting you week-to-week or month-to-month!