You’ve got a quote on a project. Great! What’s the best way to get it over your your client? Well, it depends. If you are looking to turn the estimate into an invoice down the road, you can save yourself some time and turn a previously approved estimate into a carbon copy invoice. This will not only save you time, but it will also keep an accurate record of interactions within one location!

Thankfully, we created a simple way to get estimates approved online with an easy option to turn it into an actual invoice! Here’s how:

Head Over To Your Estimates Section


We’ll get started from here. Need a quick link? We’ve got you covered.

Create A New Estimate


We’ll need to set up a brand new estimate. To do so, hit the “create new” button.

Fill In The Estimate Details

In this section, add in your descriptions, rates and quantities:


You’ll have the ability to add notes along with the estimate, as well as view a full activity trail on the estimate. When you’re done, click “Save & Review.”

Now We’ve Got An Estimate!

Use this page to double check that everything looks good in the estimate and that it is ready to go.


Everything looks good? Great! Click on “Prepare To Send.”


Prepare Your Email

Now you’ll have the ability to send out your estimate and customize the message along with it.


Fill in the details and send it off when it’s ready!


The Client Gets The Email

That shiny new estimate will make it’s way to the client’s inbox:


They’ll see some basic information and be able to hop in and view the full details.


The Client Estimate View

This is what the client sees once they click on “View Estimate Now” from their email:


They’ll be able to approve or reject the estimate (and have the ability to add context as well).


The Client Approval/Rejection

The client will have the ability to add some context to the approval/rejection and explain why if warranted:


Once they click ‘confirm’ or ‘reject,’ that message will be sent right back to you.


Final Client View

Once approved or rejected, the client will simply see this screen (and have no options to overturn their decision):



Back To our Estimate View

Now when you head over to estimates, you’ll see a shiny “approved” status next to your estimate:


You can see everything that is open/approved right from this screen!


Want To Quickly See All Interactions?

One of the nice features that Bill Flight offers is the ability to track all interactions associated with a specific estimate. Underneath the estimate details, you can see all delivery information, approvals and interactions:


This helps you keep track of both internal and external changes and updates.

Creating The Invoice

Ready to turn this approved estimate into an invoice? So are we!


Click on the “Start Invovice” button and you are on your way.

You’ve Got An Invoice!

BAM! We’ve got an invoice. You can see that the estimate has now instantly turned into an invoice with the click of a button.


Congrats! May you be paid quickly and in full! Need help on sending an invoice? No problem – we’ve got another fantastic tutorial that quickly shows you how to email an invoice out as well.


No need to hear more? Well, let’s start firing out estimates today!

Get your FREE Bill Flight account today!

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