So you hastily tracked time for an upcoming project and made a mistake. No worries! As long as you haven’t sent out the invoice for payment yet, you can change your time to your heart’s content. Here’s how:

Hop Over The The Time Tracking Dashboard

Log in to your account and click on the “Time Entry” tab in the top navigation. You will be transported to a list of all time entries, with the ability to filter across all inputs.Dates-1024x453

With the filtering tools, you should be able to quickly find the time entry that you’d like to change.

Once You’ve Found The Entry

You first need to make sure that it hasn’t been sent yet. If the invoice has been sent out already, sorry – you can’t change the tracked time. You would instead have to manually change the invoice. If the entry doesn’t have the lock symbol, then click the ‘Edit’ button on the right:


You Are Now Editing!

Feel free to make any changes to the date, time, minutes, description, or rate. Simply make the change, and hit the ‘Save’ button.


And you’re done! Now email out that invoice and get back to work!

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