The goal of an invoice is to be paid for the goods or services provided. There is no quicker way to get that invoice into your customer’s hands than by instantly firing it out via email. Bill Flight makes this process painless from creation to delivery. Here’s how:

If the Invoice Does Not Yet Exist

(If you’ve already created an invoice, hop down to the “The Invoice Already Exists section“)

Create A New Invoice

Well, first we will need to create an invoice of course!  Once you’ve logged in, (accounts are free, no credit card required) click on the New Invoice button in the top left in the main navigation:

New-Invoice (1)

Choose A Client

Of course every jobs needs a client who will pay the bills, so select a client that you’ve previously entered into Bill Flight. No client? No problem. You can add a client in under a minute by clicking on either of the “Add a Client” links:

Add Invoicing Elements

Ok, it’s time to add some details. First select which project the invoice is associated with in the project dropdown (if applicable), then input the invoice number, PO# (if applicable) and the invoice due date. Next up is entering in the descriptions for the goods/service, quantity and rate. If the line item is Taxable or an Expense, feel free to check those boxes. Once you have everything set and want to email the invoice, click the green “Save & finish” button in the upper right.


After this step …

The Invoice Already Exists

View & Double Check The Invoice

Now you have an invoice and are viewing the final product. Need some tweaks? Select “Edit” and you can polish it up. If it looks good, all you have to do is choose the “Send to client” button in the upper right. Clicking this button won’t send the invoice immediately, but will allow you to compose an email to your client with the invoice attached.Send-To-Client-1024x498

Compose an Email

The invoice is attached – now it’s time for some context. Too lazy to type? We don’t blame you after all that hard work. Just use our sample copy! Once you have everything dialed into perfection, click on “Send” in the upper right and your invoice will fly off and be working to bring back compensation for your efforts!


That’s it! You’ve successfully emailed out an invoice. Look for a payment coming your way shortly.

Just testing the waters and haven’t set up an account yet? Sign up today for a totally free starter account – no credit card required.

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