One of the reasons to choose Bill Flight is because we are more than just a billing and invoicing solution – we track time too! In this post you will learn how to track time with Bill Flight, both in real-time and with manual additions, and how you can leverage this to speed up your invoicing.

Starting The Timer Function

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a timer located in the top navigation bar. When the timer is black, it’s off, not tracking anything at all. To start tracking time, click on the button within the bar:


You will then be prompted to choose a client and the project in which you’ll be tracking time to. Simply select the client and project you are working on (if you need to add either, head over to the clients or projects pages), enter a description of the work if you’d like, an hourly rate and then hit the start button:

Now you are off and running! When you jump around to any other page, you’ll see that the timer is now green, and tracking your time for the project:


Stopping The Timer Function

Job completed? Great! You can now click on the stop button and your time will be paused: 


Once clicked, the timer will turn  black and stop tracking time:Stopped-Timer1

If you are done tracking (and not just paused), you will then need to save the tracked time by committing the entry. To do this, simply click on the tab and hit the “Commit” button:


You will then see that our time tracking software has accepted the changes and a message will pop up confirming the addition:


Reviewing Tracked Time

Now that your work on the project has been completed, you’re ready to add it to an invoice. Head over to the tracked time page and view your entries. Quickly select the line items that should be included in the invoice and choose “Add to existing invoice” or use “Create a new invoice” to make a new bill on the fly!


Now you’re done – congrats! We’ll add the time directly to the invoice and all you have to do is send the bill along for payment. Thanks and happy time tracking!

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